Why Are My Walls Cracking?

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Huge cracks in the exterior and interior walls of the home are not simply unattractive but are a sign of a possible serious foundation problem that needs immediate repair. Below are a few of the more common reasons you may be experiencing this difficult problem.

Uneven Foundation Settling

Soil erosion near one area of the foundation on a home can lead to uneven settling. This will cause difficulty in opening and closing doors or windows initially. Eventually, you will begin to notice internal and external cracks in the walls, leading to complete separation of joints and walls from the roofline or floor. You will need to have the foundation leveled again in order to fix the problem and keep it from getting worse.

Foundation Failure

Constant moisture exposure can begin to wear at the materials can lead to failure. This can cause extensive damage to your home and even make it uninhabitable. Have major foundations problems inspected and fixed right away. The source of the problem often is a matter of failure with the materials that support the foundation.

Poor Drainage

Allowing water to build up around the foundation is inviting serious trouble. Adequate drainage for water that leads away from the structure is necessary to maintain foundation integrity. Without this, it is a short amount of time before the foundation begins to sink in areas that are weak or the dirt and soil is not as densely packed.

Exterior Wall and Roof Leaks

Not having proper gutters and downspouts installed will lead to rains and snowmelt accessing the roof, eaves and exterior walls. These will cause the interior structure to begin to rot and weaken. As the internal framework begins to deteriorate, the walls begin to crack from the burden of trying to carry the weight of the roof.

Basement Wall Damage

The interior walls of the basement can collapse without your even knowing for some time, especially if you do not go down to the basement level very often. This can cause an instant crack in the walls that is noticeable. The home will have t be supported as the basement wall is repaired.

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