What Makes LeafGuard a Unique Gutter Company


When it comes to buying a gutter system that is going to protect your home from water damage, falling ice, and snow melt, you are going to want one that will not get clogged up, one that will not attract bugs or insects of any kind, and one that is easy to maintain. Ordinary gutter systems tend to have seams that leak if not treated properly, a bad tendency to fill with small sticks and leaves, and often are made out of light aluminium, meaning they break easier against strong storm winds and heavy rainfall. LeafGuard gutters are not like ordinary systems, and actually stand up better to strong storms because of their patented design. What makes LeafGuard standout as a gutter company is the fact that it:

  • Uses .032 gauge aluminium which is 20% thicker than conventional gutters,
  • Is attached to your fascia board with internal hanging brackets (no spikes!),
  • Has a protective baffle to stop debris from piling in,
  • Provides free repair or cleaning to any system that gets clogged,
  • Are custom made to fit your home,
  • Comes in many different colour options,
  • Offers free estimates,
  • Offers military discounts,
  • Offers financing.

With its superior design, the LeafGuard system looks to guide water from your roof, down and over the protective baffle and into the gutter system while warding out fallen leaves, sticks or rocks. Plus they do not attach to your shingles or roof, so your warranty is not voided. The system will enhance any look of any home with its multiple colour options, and they are affordable with financing options available. Having a gutter system is important, and one that works and protects your home is a must.