Various benefits of orange peel for Homes

oranges peel

Orange peel has a refreshing aroma. When you squeeze it, you would know if the orange peel essential oil has a lot of content. Unfortunately, the orange peel is still underutilized by many people. Usually after the fruit is eaten, skin thrown away.

Rather than just being rubbish, actually orange peel can be utilized for various purposes. If you soak the orange peel in a vinegar solution for one or two weeks, and then add it to the water, then you’ve succeeded in making natural cleaning fluids at home.

Orange peel, if placed in the refrigerator can make the scent of the refrigerator to be more fresh. In addition, if placed in the trash, the skin can eliminate odor.

Meanwhile, in order that the air in the house was filled with the fragrance of fresh, then you can boil the orange peel along the water with a small fire. When oil from orange peels out and mixed with water, the rooms of your home will be more fragrant.

In addition, orange peel can also be used to clean your cutting board. The trick, rub the outside of the orange peel on a cutting board, then rinse and dry.