Tricks to Make House Always Neat

room neat

Make the house always looks neat sometimes bother easy. You are trying to keep the book on the shelf next to it, but other artifacts which actually looks a mess over here.

Consider the following trick, which allows you to store items properly.

Family Room

1. Multi enable crate not only as a table, but also for a place to store books or knick-knacks.
2. Make cabinets push built-in that can be used to store CDs or books.
3. Use the remaining space under the stairs for storage. This space can be used for a shoe store or warehouse.
4. Make the book as a center piece of the room. Place on a rack with a unique shape that is mounted on the wall.
5. Do not let the wall so empty. Take advantage by making shelves that can be used to store books or collections of accessories.


1. Take advantage of the space under the sink. This wasted space can be used as a place to store soap, towel, or a means of cleaning the bathroom.
2. Shelves with baskets is the most appropriate place to save. If necessary, create a built-in shelves that are tailored to the size of the basket and the room.
3. If using an open storage shelves, use of plastic containers for storing place.


1. bedside table beside the bed can also be used as a storage area. Please ensure it is enough to put a book, alarm clock, and reading lamps.
2. Sometimes, the most effective way to hide something is to show it. So, arrange the pillows on the bed as a garnish.
3. Use the bottom of the bed as shelf appeal for storing sheets, pillowcases, and blanket.
4. Place the wooden crates with foam pads in front of the window. Use the inside of a store trinkets.
5. Take advantage of the space under the table. Put a basket or box containing your stuff under the table.


1. Hang the kitchen tools that are often used for cooking near the cooking area. Creations by using a hook or hanger that is widely available in stores equipment.
2. Maximize the entire area of ​​the kitchen, including kitchen cabinets. Do not let the area is wasted.
3. Note also in terms of comfort. Complete kitchen cabinets with rail and wheel to be easily opened and closed.
4. Divide each item in accordance with the function, do not be confused.