Tips Make a Living New Looks

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The living room is the main room of the most widely seen and visited by people from outside the home, such as neighbors, relatives or friends. Therefore, do not let the house living room look unkempt, causing bad impression for the owner of the house.

Well, to create a living room that is clean and neat, the following steps can be performed:

Exterminate stubborn mildew in the living room

On the walls and ceiling of the living room sometimes appear fungus due to water seeping occur during heavy rains. If a fungus that grows still fairly mild, we can eliminate it with vinegar, fungicide or disinfectant. But if the fungus attack has been too long, you are forced to spend more to repair the roof, replace the ceiling and repainting zoom.

Update a wall paint that has been weathered

The most ideal time to paint the walls is the current condition of the sun is not shining. This is because when the conditions are too hot, paint the outside will dry out too fast compared to the inner layer, causing the paint cracking, bubbling or peeling.

So that a coat of paint is not easy to peel, plamur should only be used to cover the fine hairline cracks in the walls, because if it is used as a base paint will actually make the paint peel more easily, due to the nature plamur non-binding.

Clean the glass windows on a regular basis

To make the living room still looks clean, the window is one component that must be considered. You certainly do not want your guests think of you dirty because they could not see the view of the garden through the glass windows covered in thick dust.

To clean window glass much cleaning solution on the market. However, to save costs, you can use a mixture of a few tablespoons of baking soda, vinegar and clean warm water to clean the window glass effectively.

Treat curtains or blinds in your home

Perform light maintenance once a week using a vacuum cleaner, duster, or rag. Do not forget to clean the back of the curtains, because often we only remember to clean the front of the curtains alone. To keep the curtains are always sterile, do not forget to me-room curtains you three months. So that your windows does not appear to be empty when the curtain was in laundry, curtains always prepare a backup, so they can be used interchangeably with other curtains.

Treat carpets and your living room sofa

A quick way to clean carpets and sofas, is to use a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum. The use of the brush roll carpet can also be used as an alternative to the vacuum cleaning tool. If your carpet is very dirty and had not been washed, carpets should take you to the laundry.

To clean stains on the carpet and the couch is stubborn, wipe with a solution of vinegar mixed with two tablespoons of salt. Preferably, do not put a sofa near direct sunlight because it will make the fabric quickly dull. Can also be used to protect the original color slipcover sofa.