Tips For Paint The House Not easy to peel


Paint the walls can beautify the room in the house to be more beautiful and lovely. Paint has a wide range of colors that can be adjusted to one’s own home.

Besides paint the house is now equipped with a coating that resists water and dust so it is not easy to get dirty. However, when it decided to apply the paint on the walls of your home, you should not rush note the correct paint technique so that the results are disappointing.

If painting the walls of the house are not true, will cause the paint peeling off the walls in the house and damaged easily. Then other factors that cause easy peeling paint can also be caused by not cleaned the wall surface when painting. Dirt still clinging to the walls make the paint does not last long.

Do not let the paint was peeling, because in addition to reducing the aesthetics of your home, it can also be a breeding ground for a number of insects or cause mildew on the walls.

Here are some ways you can do to keep your house paint to stay awake!

1. Not Recommended Using Plamur For Paint Basic

Limit the use plamur or putty as a base coat of paint. Use plamur only as a cover fine cracks in the walls of the house. Many people consider as a basis before putty paint, true plamur not made to bind the paint. If you keep using it as a base plamur painting, this makes it easy to peel paint.

2. Painting At The Right Time

Do not choose the wrong time to paint. The exact time will affect the paint is damaged or not. Not recommended to paint during the rainy season, because it will make the drying time of the paint to be longer.

But also advised not to paint when the weather is hot and blazing sun, this causes the outside of the paint dry faster than the inside, it has the potential to make a quick paint cracked and bulging. For that paint while dry (not wet season) or the sun is hot once.