Three and Four Season Rooms Built for Man and Beast

sunroom sandiego

Adding on a well-built three or four season sunroom is a way to enjoy your space with both family and pets equally. Dog, cats, birds, and fish alike can all enjoy the extra space to check out what is going on without venturing out into heat, cold, or rain.

Creating a Space to Share

Pets become a part of the family fairly quickly and want to spend as much time around you as possible. If you have been considering the idea of adding a three or four season sunroom, you can easily incorporate areas that fit the needs and wants of your family pets as well as you and your human entourage.

Enjoying Increased Sunshine and Access to Fresh Air

A three or four season room with lots of windows and access to open air is just what the doctor ordered on a nice day. San Diego sees a fair amount of sunny, warm days, even in the midst of winter. You and your pets will enjoy the ability to relax in an area that allows plenty of light, but cancels the heat of the hot summer sun.

Perfect Rainy Day Getaway

Days that are cloudy, rainy, or cool can still render enjoyment when looking out the windows and doors of a perfectly designed four season room. You have complete control of the internal temperature, so you and your pets will stay warm and dry.

Four Season Enjoyment

With unexpected weather patterns, a four season room makes great sense for those that cannot stand to stay within the regular confines of the house all day. You can both enjoy the views with no added worries of dragging mud and dirt into the main house area.

Finding the Perfect Compromise On Furnishings

Incorporating low windows into the design will allow your cats or dogs plenty of access to view the world from their level. Add in durable couches, chairs, and tables that are easy to clean, yet comfortable enough for both of you to enjoy, will make the experience even more pleasurable.

Consult with expert sunrooms San Diego like Teknik to design the perfect three or four season room the entire family can enjoy today!