The Perks of Investing in a Custom-Built Home

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Real estate is currently a buyer’s market in the U.S. That being the case, first-time homebuyers have more than their fair share of affordable options. However, even with so many houses to choose from, it’s entirely possible that none of them will click with your family. If you have a very specific picture of what you want out of a home, purchasing a pre-built, lived-in residence may not be the wisest course of action. As you’ll find, there are a number of perks synonymous with investing in a custom-built home.

No Renovations

One of the worst things about moving into a lived-in home is performing and/or paying for renovations. Even if the previous owners deducted the cost of renovations from their asking price, having to oversee them can be a huge drag. After purchasing a new home, it’s only natural that you’d want to move in as soon as possible. However, certain renovations can delay your family’s move-in date indefinitely. When working with a renowned custom homebuilder like Cedar Homes, you can rest assured that your expertly-built house will be move-in ready the instant construction is complete.

No Haggling

Haggling is often the most stressful part of buying a new home. After going to the previous owners with an offer, you may have to sit on pins and needles for up to a week before your realtor hears back from them. Conversely, when having a home custom-built, the price is largely determined by the materials you choose, as well as the value of the land upon which the house is constructed.

No Compromises

Whenever a new home is purchased, compromises are invariably made on the part of the buyer. These compromises run the gamut from “fairly miniscule” to “very major.” This just goes to show that there’s no such thing as a perfect pre-built home. No matter how close one of these houses is to what your family has in mind, the chances of it flawlessly matching up to their vision are virtually nil. On the flip side, a custom-built residence ensures that you and your crew get exactly what you want, right down to the smallest detail.

Generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with buying a pre-built home. Still, if you know exactly what you’re looking for and refuse to compromise when it comes to your family’s next residence, a custom-built home may be right up your alley.Not having to worry about renovating, haggling or settling for less than perfection will make the home-buying experience considerably more pleasant.