That is precisely cleaners Damaging and Polluting

That is precisely cleaners Damaging

Your initial intention was good, that want to clean furniture or objects at home. However, did you know that there are some errors that are not recognized when cleaning something.

Here are some cleaning agents that would damage.

1. Vinegar on the surface of the stone

It is common knowledge that vinegar can be used to remove stains on some household furniture, such as carpet, stove, and refrigerator. Even so, do not use vinegar to wipe the surface of the rocky granite or because it will scratch or damage it.

2. The mixture of bleach and ammonia

Adding bleach clothes with ammonia, or ammonia-containing products such as some window cleaners, can cause serious and dangerous problem.

When combined, they will produce a gas that can restrict your breathing. The only substance that can be mixed with bleach is water.

3. clothing stain removers

Clothing stain removers can actually leave a sticky residue that is a magnet for dirt on the carpet. Use a special spray to the carpet instead.

4. Bleach for rust

Using bleach to former rusted or corroded iron rust actually even make it more durable. Use cleaners specially to remove scars rust.

5. soap for car

Avoid washing your car or motorcycle use soap or detergent. The chemicals can damage the paint coating on the body of your vehicle. Use a special shampoo to clean the vehicle body.