Several types of refractory ceramic or Thermal Ceramics

ceramic fiber

Ceramic is the embodiment of art. But most are made of ceramic art for usability. for example, tea set, floor tile, wall tile, dinner ware etc. Although not a few who make the ceramics of art for art eg ceramic figurines, flower vases are only for decoration, not used for flowers.

But you know, that are needed to make ceramics kiln / oven / kitchen which must withstand high temperatures (1200’C or more).

As it seems the oven surfaces made of iron plates, but the iron plate can not stand the heat so high, and it will melt.

For the iron plate installed inside the heat-resistant material, indoors kilns, ovens, kitchen wall, the base and the top.

Well heat-resistant material called Ceramic Thermal (Heat Resistant Ceramics)

Just as you know that ceramic items such as cups, plates are also heat resistant. and indeed all goods produced by the combustion process will hold the temperature at the time the goods are made.

But if you make a wall of ceramic material for cups, plates, not resistant to changes in temperature, probably several times combustion alone would have cracked and broken. Due to shrinkage and development are many.

Thermal Ceramic is made with peyusutan smallest, nothing is as thermal insulation between the indoor kitchen with ceramic thermal material outside it, thus closing the oven usually made from iron plate is not hot. There are also ceramic as a coating to protect it.

Some types of Heat Resistant Ceramics (Thermal Ceramic)

1. Insulating firebricks – I call it a brick insulation. It is highly resistant to heat.

Usually in the form of bricks or rectangular plate. And can isolate the heat in the furnace as I explained earlier. In use for the base, the walls and roof of the kitchen or kiln.

2. Monolithics – This is a heat-resistant ceramic, but not for isolation, which resemble ordinary cement, the processing is mixed with water and then poured after being dried, is used. So-called castable. This material is very flexible because it can be shaped at will. My experience is manifested above castable ceramic goods train. So neater and more powerful. Nicer than using several stones arranged on a train that is easy to expand and stretched right-left.

3. Fibers – This type of shape such as cotton, which are made of ceramic materials as well.As silica, alumina and so on. Ceramic fiber blanket is great for insulation, better than insulating firebricks. Suppose the installation of the wall with the same thickness, the use of fiber makes the surface layer of the kitchen, kiln and cooler oven.

Because the shape of cotton, not as dense as a brick then Fiber experienced very little shrinkage and are more resistant to thermal changes.