Safety in use of Power Measurement Tool


Electrical appliance, we already know the general function and working principles of the previous post. This time it will be discussed in terms of safety when using the electric appliance.

Don’t use ohmmeter on a series of live / live or electrified. because in principle when measuring the Ohm circuit will be in short, and it is dangerous for measuring instruments and gauges officer.

Don’t use a parallel Ammeter with resources. because there will be a potential difference that will go into Ammeter, while measuring Ampere is done in series with the circuit.

Don’t make Ammeter / voltmeter to experience overload. Although currently there is the facility of auto Range, but get used to ensure range / limit or Voltage Ampere measurements, for security gauges and measuring tools.

Make sure when doing the measurements, the terminal used is not short-circuited or accidentally connected to ground. Especially when measuring voltmeter, because it will cause a short circuit, it is very dangerous for gauges and measuring devices.

Check the plug end of the measuring instrument before using it. This is to ensure there is no insulation failure or no leakage current.

Avoid touching the metal plug or the tip of the measuring instrument. Especially when the measurements, because it reduces the accuracy of the results and also dangerous for measuring or measuring instrument.

Search error ONLINE / LIVE is not recommended for a voltage >120 Volt. Actually voltage >30V or currents of 5mA is considered dangerous, especially above 120V, try to always work safely, if necessary power / voltage is turned off.

Take advantage of the HOLD function is on measuring instruments, for measuring areas that are difficult and injurious for the measuring. In the measuring devices are usually equipped with HOLD function, which serves freeze last measured current value.

There are many more things we need to consider when making electrical measurements, because the danger is very great. It is very important for safe working environment work and at home.