Reduce Waste in Your Home

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Whether you are talking about food, energy, or recycling, there are always ways to reduce the waste generated in your home. Try putting the following tips in place for your household. You may be surprised at how much time and money can be saved by a few simple changes.


Many people are wasting food without even realizing just how much they are throwing away each week. This can become quite costly over time. Begin by not over buying. Prepare a menu for the week, and create a grocery list based on the dinners you have planned. If you do have several perishable items and bits of left overs at the end of the week, be creative. Scraps of meat that are not large enough to feed the family can be put into a soup along with any vegetables that haven’t been used.


Look for ways to reduce your energy bills. Watch for places where heat can escape. Heavy window coverings will provide additional insulation during the winter months, and draft guards can seal off the bottom of the doors. Consider your heating system too. If you have a wood burner, rely on it for the main heat. Cutting wood isn’t such a bad chore if you use the right equipment. For a high quality log splitter Canada offers, try searching online from retailers like Lumber King.


We all hear about recycling, but it is surprising how many households still don’t practice this. One of the main reasons is that they feel it is too difficult. With the proper system in place, recycling is easy. Set up designated trash bins for plastic bottles, cans, and newspapers and magazines. Tossing these items into a separate bin is no harder than throwing them in the trash. Cans and even bottles can be turned in for a cash rebates in many areas.

Once you and your family are in the habit of following these practices, you will find that there are many benefits to reducing waste. You can save money on your utilities as well as feel good about helping out the environment. Get everyone involved by explain how this new lifestyle will help the family as well as the world.