Practical Ways to Develop Bookshelf

how to prepare bookshelf

Not only for those who like to read, you are happy to decorate the room also need bookshelves. Why? In addition to store a collection of favorite books, you can also put other decorations in the bookcase.

Here are a variety of ways to prepare the bookshelf.

1. Create a layer inside the rack from the back to the front so that you use the entire depth of the rack. This creates a more attractive scenery than just books in a straight line.

Use larger book behind shelves and books are smaller on the front. Using a book with various high add to the beauty of the show entirely.

2. Use a variety of textures on each shelf to add another appearance, and to provide a more personal feeling.

3. Use a variety of objects on each shelf. For example, instead of putting all the books on the shelves and painting on another shelf, combine the whole thing together.

This not only helps to create a more balanced, but also gives a more attractive appearance. Except, if you use a bookshelf to display a variety of collections that have been grouped.

4. For very high bookshelf, for example, up to a ceiling or vaulted, use pieces of the larger on the top shelf to ensure that they can be seen. For a standard ceiling, use pieces larger at the bottom.

5. Try to include some natural elements to provide space on organic and texture. For example, you can add green plants, dried plants or plastic, shells or even flowers.

6. Make sure you create the look of a bookcase overall balanced from side to side and top to bottom.

7. Look for a decorative container such as a basket or a beautiful box for storing practical items such as DVDs and toys. This will keep the room look more tidy and overall, will look more attractive.

8. Leave the empty space! Sometimes, we feel the need to fill every inch of shelf so that we do not want to waste space, but this is what often causes the bookshelf looks messy.

Leaving little empty space in here and there on the bookshelf help to facilitate your search for objects in a more organized way.