Most Appropriate Time to Clean House

home cleaning

Cleaning the house from all the dirt and dust can be grueling work for some people, not to mention many former child a toy and dirty clothes scattered in various corners of the house, before cleaning, sometimes heart it was already feeling tired.

Homework still needs to be done so that it is always clean maximum. No need to be cleaned at any time, do this activity at certain times.

Options right time greatly affect the performance of the human body. In the span of 24 hours, the body can experience hormonal fluctuations commonly known as the circadian rhythm. In addition to hormones, temperature and blood pressure can affect a person’s mood while doing something.

So that clean-up activities can be done optimally house and do not make tired, recommended by a health book author of “The Body Clock Guide To Better Health”, Michael Smolensky, perform these activities in the afternoon precisely at 15:13 o’clock. At this time, the coordination between hand and eye are in a very good performance.

Eye conditions become more observant to find dirt and dust on your furniture. While the hand would be well to follow the direction of the eye can see.

At this hour endorphin level is high. Endorphins are hormones that reduce pain which can minimize aches or pains that usually attacks while performing clean-up activities such as sweeping, cleaning windows, straighten shelves, mopping floors and a myriad of clean-up activities of other houses.

This can be an alternative for those who are lazy clearing the whole house in the morning, afternoon is a good time to mood spirit.