Library Recycling Do not Need Many Places

Library Recycling

Have books which are numerous, quite difficult. Moreover, when the book just lying around the house.

However, if you love to read, will never get rid of it. Therefore, set up home library in a way to save space, is necessary.

Australian architect Ben Milbourne who inspired the movie “James Bond” and then offers solutions for homes designed as a sustainable home.

The houses in the central business district (CBD) Melbourne needed a flexible solution that can divide the open space into two rooms of the living room and bedroom, but still retain the option of keeping a larger space when needed.

On the wall, he designed a bookcase with six sections ranging from floor to ceiling. Each can be spun with industrial-scale mechanisms. These cabinets have a high turnover of 4.6 meters with a width of up to 3.8 meters.

This system allows the book can be stored and accessed from both sides, and also maximizes airflow and light.

Together with furniture designer David Waterworth of Against the Grain, which focus on the production of reclaimed and recycled materials, designing Milbourne plywood former library, complete with posters and graffiti scars that add character.

This layer is formed by natural beeswax. Construction process minimizes waste results from pieces of wood. Bookshelf is called UnWaste Bookcase that can be replicated using other materials client’s choice.

While in Hong Kong, the company designs SID make bookshelves for the wall separating the dining room and living room are located differently.

For the benefit and function, the unit is divided into small spaces with different sizes and heights. White painting wood makes it possible to make a friendly impression. The home library into an expression of the character of a quiet but not boring.

Still in Hong Kong, at a private apartment in Sha Tin, Director of Design Ample design, Louis Lau, creating a space of solid internal walls for a library for clients who love books, but did not have room to store it.

The width of the concrete barrier wall allowing created cavity 250 millimeters, which is wide enough to hold a book, without compromising structural integrity. A black metal frame embedded in the cavity, and is locked to the ceiling through the anchor bolt. Rack is then made of plywood and wood veneer.

Open shelves in the back bedroom, so the books can be accessed from both sides. In this room, an elongated cavity under the bed for storage of luggage and accessed by a hydraulic mechanism under the mattress.

According to Lau, for those who think the book is a luxury thing, there is always a way to create a library of home without sacrificing a lot of space.