Kitchen Trends for 2018

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Your kitchen needs to be a functional, organized space where family meals are prepared, but that doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring. As the hub of the house, your kitchen should be functional, as well as beautiful. Take a look at five kitchen trends for 2018 with stunning design appeal.

Wood-Like Floors

Hardwood floors in the kitchen are still very popular with homeowners, because they create a warm look and adapt to any kitchen style. However, new trends are showing wood-like floors in porcelain plank tiles that provide the same warm appeal with much less maintenance. Porcelain plank tiles come in a variety of plank widths, wood-like colors, and easy to clean finishes that give the appearance of real wood.

Unique Ceiling Treatments

Unique ceiling treatments have emerged as a way to add visual appeal to mundane kitchen spaces. Shallow coffers create a feeling of depth and pattern that draw the eye upward and give the kitchen a custom look. Crown moldings make the ceiling height feel higher and can be installed in shapes and sizes that enhance cabinet designs, islands and other kitchen features below.

Quartz Countertops

Although granite countertops are still popular with homeowners, man-made quartz countertops are a hot kitchen trend for 2018. Quartz countertops require little maintenance, so you can skip sealants and protective finishes that natural stones require. With a natural sheen, quartz countertops come in many colors and finishes that will provide offer timeless appeal and function.

Integrated Appliances

Homeowners are tired of kitchen appliances that overwhelm the space making it feel cramped and cluttered, especially in small kitchens. Integrating appliances into the kitchen by using built-in nooks, panels and false fronts is a growing trend that takes the spotlight off large, heavy appliances and puts it on beautiful cabinetry. Wolf appliance repair Florida is still simple with easy removable panels fronts.

Open Shelving

New kitchen trends are showing fewer upper cabinets and more open shelving. Upper kitchen cabinets are functional, but their size and weight often makes the space feel smaller. Open shelving opens up the space and gives the kitchen a light, airy appeal. It also provides a place to display beautiful dishes, cookware and kitchen accessories that give your kitchen unique design style. Replacing heavy upper cabinets with open shelving is a great way to create eye-catching appeal.