Introducing the Cable TV Equipment

rf combiner werlatone

If you want the cable TV business, there are some hardware components that you should know the following with its function. Because the choice of equipment with good quality, give satisfaction to every customer.


Parabola is an important part to capture signals from satellites, in the parabola are important components as an antenna that LNB, while the aluminum parts as a reflector signal from the satellite, then focused to lnb.


Receiver is an equipment that will serve to change the signal that was obtained lnb, into digital video and audio by frequency and polarity of each channel broadcast TV, the receiver is used for one channel, if you want to distribute ten channels, means there should be ten receivers provided.


The modulator is used to convert video and audio signals from the receiver into rf signal, there are several types of mode modulator that can be used and be an option,


Combiner is an equipment that serves to incorporate some of the signal coming out of the rf modulator rf signals into a single output that will be distributed to homes, RF combiner tool with good quality as the product of Werlatone.


Booster / amps are useful to enhance the signal, the signal strength could decline due to loss of the cable used, its distance away, in order to remain strong signal booster amplifier is used


Splitter tool used for branching, almost the same as the hub switch on the LAN, without using a splitter can, for quality that cable TV networks are neat and avoid noise, we recommend using splitrer.


Coaxial cables are used to transmit broadcasts to homes using 75 ohm coaxial cable, coaxial good and right in the installation of cable television coaxial cable RG 6.