Interior decoration Imperfect Without Mirrors

mirror in home

You’ll never look in the mirror. Mirror is a tool to build self-esteem. In the perspective of the interior, the mirror can also be a tool for decoration, as well as assets in the room.

The mirror is placed in a dark room can make lighter, narrow room seem larger, and space becomes dull shine. The mirror can also double the beautiful scenery, turned his attention to objects of interest, and add glamor without appearing gaudy.

In his new book, “Keep It Simple” (Ryland, Peters & Little), Atlanta Bartlett wrote, we can not decorate without mirrors because they offer a brilliant solution to the various problems of interior design.

Here are the perfect places to put a mirror and some usefulness.

1. Bathrooms

Of course, in the bathroom there should be a mirror. The reason, men need this to help shave their mustaches, while the womenfolk need a mirror to help them dress up.

2. As the alignment

If you want to strengthen the already beautiful atmosphere, the mirror is the answer. Placed in the middle of the dining table, mirror trays can serve as a place to put a candle or a plant.

3. On the wall

Large mirror placed on the wall to create the illusion of a more spacious room. Place the mirror vertically on the wall opposite the door of the room.

4. As a unity

You can hang some framed mirror collection, which serves as part of the art. A collection of mirrors that is placed on the surface of the wall can vary the size, style and shape.

5. Change the scenery

If you have a beautiful view from the window of the house, hanging a mirror in the direction opposite to reflect on it.