How to Set the rack in Bathroom

set bathroom shelf

Sometimes, we are laying equipment and toiletry irregularly. Ranging from shampoo, shower, soap, lying in disarray on top next to the sink.

Of course this irregularity trouble you. If set up the equipment, will more quickly find objects that you need.

Here are some ways classify your bathroom fixtures.

1. Stand the brush

Place a hair brush, a mask or makeup in a clean glass. Besides neater, this glass also reduces the use of the brushes previously scattered.

2. Basket hair accessories

Especially for hair, you need to have a place or a separate basket. In this basket, you can put a hair dryer, comb, and a special towel dry hair.

3. Tray

A tray or saucer can be a place for bottles containing oils such as olive or shower gel.

4. Basket great

For bottles high, eg shampoo bottles, conditioner and shower gel, you can put it in a larger basket. This basket effectively keep the bottles that are not easily fall.