How to safely buy a home of collateral Bank

save expenses

Already found a home at a price and the desired conditions, but it turns out the dealer center of the ‘send’ certificate of his home in the bank. In fact, you are very interested to have.

For those of you who experienced something like this, actually do not need to cancel plans to buy a house certificates were pledged to the bank. However, the precautionary principle is necessary because there is a huge risk lurking.

There are cases where the seller was just about to take off house keys when you have paid the agreed price of the house. The reason, the money will be used to redeem the certificate. Turns out this is a trick sellers to deceive you.

In order to avoid incidents such as the above, you should consider the following important aspects:

Ask proof loans

If true certificate of the house as collateral, the seller definitely save it is with good marks. To convince yourself, ask the seller to show proof of such loans. Or, go the bank concerned to confirm its accuracy.

Ask other documents

Logically, only certificates are required house bank as collateral. Another important documents such as building permit, proof of payment of tax on land and buildings, as well as electricity and water bill receipt is not required for collateral. You can ask this to the seller.

Ask for complete debt

As a prospective buyer, you are entitled to ask the seller complete the payment obligations owed to the bank. Thus, house deeds can be taken prior to the implementation of home purchase transactions between the two sides.

Move credit to banks

Another way is much safer is to move direct credit to the relevant bank. That is, you want to pay the debt of the seller witnessed by representatives of the bank.

This condition applies when the status of homes sold are still in a period of credit. To know move step home buying credits, you can click here.

Pay off DP

If a seller asks you to pay off a house down payment in advance (as agreed), then do not forget to ask for bail. In this case, the seller must submit a collateral that can be executed directly if the sellers do default.

Create agreement

From all the mechanisms mentioned above, another thing to consider is to do things based on the agreement in black and white.

So, if on the way you find irregularities by the seller, then you as a buyer already has a strong foundation to get your rights. Not only that, the agreement is also useful to minimize the risk of loss that may befall you.

To find out information about the physical data and juridical data certificates that house, you can check at the local land office in the form of a certificate of registration.