How to Protect Your Property From Severe Storm Damage

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Powerful storms can hit all areas of Florida and in any season. The potential for damage to your home and vehicles are a reality any time there are high winds, hail and the possibilities of tornadoes. Below are a few ways to help keep your property safe during times of serious inclement weather.

Stay Aware of Weather Conditions

Making a plan for safety from severe storms can only be done successfully once you are aware of inclement weather approaching. Understand what the conditions are. Prepare for high winds, hail, or possible tornadoes. The sooner you can prepare, the safer you and your property will be.

Keep Tree Limbs Trimmed

Check for the stability of the limbs on your trees. They should ideally stay trimmed away from the roof of your home and garage. Have a professional service trim them away from power lines for safety. High winds can cause tree limbs to come crashing down on your home, garage, car or power lines. The expense of repairs and tree removal can be high.

Stow Away Loose Items

Damage to structures, vehicles, and people can happen easily with heavy items that high winds send flying through the air. It is better to take the time to put loose items up if there are storm warnings that include possible rotating storm cells and high winds. Things like lawn chairs, patio tables, and barbecue pits can take flight and cause serious injury and property damage.

Put Vehicles Under Carports or in Garage

Flying debris, falling tree limbs, and chunks of hail can cause extensive damage to cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. To minimize the need for expensive repairs, vehicles should be placed in an area that is sheltered from wind, hail, and debris. A garage would offer the most protection, although a carport can prove somewhat helpful. It is not as good at protecting your vehicles from objects and hail that is moving diagonally or being thrown laterally.

Turn Off Breakers if Power Goes Out

It is not unusual for the electricity to go out occasionally during a storm. Turn the main breaker off to the house if this happens. Wait for the electricity to be restored before turning it back on. This will help avoid damage to your appliances in the home from a sudden power surge.

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