How to Pick the Perfect Wine Cooler

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Millions of people enjoy a chilled glass of wine with meals or serve guests while entertaining all year long. The convenience of having a personal wine cooler allows anyone to store great wines at the perfect temperature and humidity at home. Below are a few of the features to consider when seeking out the perfect wine cooler for your home.

Size and Style

There is a wine cooler available that fits every storage need and will compliment most decor. The most versatile are countertop models. These versions hold fewer bottles than most, but you can easily move them from one room to another, or even adjust locations once you decide which room you want it in. You can still enjoy humidity control in a smaller, more compact size. Wine coolers are also made to hold 300 bottles and more. These are huge units that are standalone appliances.

Wine Bottle Capacity

You can help narrow down the selection by determining how many bottles of wine you want to keep chilled and ready for consumption. Serving wine for guests will require more space than simply enjoying a private bottle every now and then. Understand what your wine capacity needs are before making the fi8nal decision on a cooler.

Prime Location

Every home, apartment, and condo will provide a different layout. The more wine you want to keep on hand, the more room it will take to place the cooler. You may have to adjust, according to your available space. You can find units that will fit nicely in corners, under counters, or on top of a sturdy shelving unit. The main details to remember about locations for wine coolers is to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from a direct heating source.

Rack Styles

Choosing the interior racks is not that difficult. You can either have a stationary style or a pull-out rack. The pull-out design makes it easier to access the bottle and see what you have available, but this is generally not available for coolers that hold less than 10 bottles.

Remember the Vent

As with any refrigeration unit, they will expel hot air and intake cooler air to function properly. You can find coolers that are vented at the front, top, and rear. Top and rear vented wine coolers are better for countertop units or standalone types. Remeber to keep at least a foot of clearance in these areas, if you choose to install a top and rear vented cooler under the counter.

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