How to Divide Confined Space Without Walls

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Typically, separates the room is done by building a wall. The room need to be separated to create privacy or comfort. However, when the area of ​​the house is not too big, or you live in an apartment, dividing the room is quite difficult.

Here are some ways around the room sharing without using a wall.

1. The glass wall

A transparent wall allows limited room without making the room being cramped.

2. Bookshelf

Separate the two rooms using bookshelves that are not too high up to the ceiling. This method is effective to divide the room but still creates an open space.

3. Table bar

Using the bar as a divider between the kitchen and the room, is a way that is quite popular today. Complete the bar with high stools typical.

4. Cabinet

Of course, in addition to the bookshelf, you can separate the room to use a cabinet that also serves as storage space.

5. Tables counter

If the cabinets are too large to be used as a barrier, you could use a counter. This table is usually placed in the kitchen, but try to use it as a divider between the dining room and drawing room or family room.

6. The sliding door

Without the wall, you can separate the two rooms using sliding doors