How To Design The Comfortable Living Room

Designing a family room

As the name suggests, the family room is the only place where you can gather with relatives and family. Therefore, it is important to make the living room feel comfortable, not only for you, but also other family members.

One effort modification family room is in the style of the room houses Los Gatos, in San Francisco. The family room looks are not equivalent to the other room, but a little “sink” to the bottom. While his couch, parallel to the floor above.

Gray couch light, according to the table counter dark gray. There are also two flights of stairs to reach this room.

This room floor using wooden planks Afromosia produced in factories using natural UV oil. Floor with square edge is able to create a modern and elegant feeling.

Moreover, in the family room there is also a bookshelf that is not too big, but elongated. It is the main attraction is the presence of a simple fireplace.

If you want to imitate the style of a room like this, you can change the location of the fireplace with television as the center of the room.