How to Clean Moss on Roof Home

Painting and Power Washing

If your roof is exposed to sunlight for a limited intensity because of the shade trees, the roof will tend to be more humid than the roof that is exposed to sunlight continuously. Roof humidity will be higher in the presence of water droplets on the roof, either from dew or from a tree on it.

This condition will trigger the growth of moss on the roof. Here are some ways to clean moss from roofs.


Perhaps, the simplest method and the least expensive to clean moss from the roof is by scrubbing or rubbing moss on the roof and point it down so that the moss can flake off and fell to the bottom. You do this by standing on the stairs, and then by using a brush, slowly – land scrub the moss under the direction of the arrangement of tiles on the roof. Make sure the moss really – really lifted from the roof down to its roots.

Power Washing

Consider using a power washing or certain pressurized water to clean the roof of moss. This can be done for vulnerable roof cracking, which could not withstand the heavy burden of our body. Use washing power with power between 1200 and 2000 psi, or (pounds per square inch). Place the hose nozzle near the top of the roof and move it to decline following the pattern tile. Splash water coming out of the nozzle will make the moss peeled off. If you do not have Power Washing Equipment, or you can use the services of St. Louis Painting and Power Washing, They are experts in performing repairs and home maintenance.

Eliminate moss with a roof made of hydrogen peroxide cleaners

Mix hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners roof with warm water and let it to be active for 15-20 minutes, then stir the ingredients. Move the condensation at the pump sprayer, be careful and do not let anyone pour hydrogen peroxide which is still lumpy and not mixed which can clog the nozzles on the spray. Use this solution to be sprayed into the moss on the roof, and then use a brush to scrub the part that has been treated with a solution in a circular motion and rinse with clean water.