How to Clean Mobile Phones

mobile clean tips

Try to think about it, wherever you carry your phone in a day? Most of you will answer: of waking up to go to sleep again.

That is, including when you are in a public vehicle, restrooms, and other public locations that are not necessarily regularly cleaned – cleaned were already exposed to the germs of all sorts of people. In short, your mobile phone dirty.

A mobile phone proved to carry germs and bacteria, even particles of feces. So start cleaning habits of mobile phones.

There are several easy and friendly way technology in cleaning your mobile phone:

  • Clean screen mobile phone with a substance should not coarse. Squirt antiseptic cleaner on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface of the mobile phone display.
  • If you do not want to confuse a special formula, use of alcohol and water in the ratio of 40:60 to clean the solid and the keyboard. Use a damp cloth and cotton for parts that are difficult to reach.
  • When you want to clean dust and traces of fingerprints, use scotch tape, adhesive do other more strongly attached.