How Important Balancing HID To Conversion Kit Hid Xenon Lamp

HID Ballasts

HID lights are getting more and more popular in the automotive industry, you may also notice that there are a couple of lamps and a pair HID ballasts for hid conversion kit, and how important counterweight to the whole kit?

To make it simple, we need to know what HID lamps.

HID lamp consists of a glass tube that contains tungsten electrodes, gas and metals. You see light emit from the tube when an electric arc struck across the electrodes. The gas helps the light to start, and once the metals are heated they function to produce light. Gardeners enjoy the benefits of using these lights because they provide light that most closely resembles sunlight, a definite plus when you are growing plants indoors without exposure to sunlight. They are also cost efficient, because they last longer than other light bulbs and more energy efficient.

Function Hid ballast

Ballast is used to start the lamp and to allow the electricity flowing through the bulb to keep the light. Ballast function is to control the electrical current running through the glass of the lamp so that there is enough current flowing through so that the light burning and managed, but not so much that the bulb is destroyed. Therefore, it is clear that you must use a ballast when you want to run your HID lights Ballasts for controlling electric current; If not, they will not work correctly.

There are three types of ballasts used with flashing high-intensity discharge lamps, and they include magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts, and digital ballasts. Magnetic ballast is also called a core and coil ballast, which refers to the components in the ballast. Together with a capacitor, they work together to control the flow to turn on the lights and save energy flowing at the correct rate for the bulb. Some magnetic ballasts also come with igniter, which are used in coordination with sodium and metal halide lamps. Electronic ballasts use electronic circuitry to control the electrical flow within the HID bulb. Digital ballast works on a higher frequency, so it produces more light but uses less energy to do so. Aspects of digital ballast allows it to function at consistently correct temperatures, which helps the lamp to last longer.