Here’s How to Save Electricity Usage

Saving electricity

Electricity is one of the important elements for human life around the world. Without the presence of electricity, daily activity is certainly not going to be able to walk.

Given the huge role, no wonder the message of people who appeal to save electricity is always loudly voiced.

Saving electricity usage is not solely to reduce the bill alone, but also contributes to maintaining the natural balance, especially the increasing issue of global warming.

There are many ways to save electricity, not just use the goods that are energy efficient. The habit of using electricity itself has a bigger share.

Use of the Plug

Not many people realize that, although not in use, allowing the power plug to stay in place drains the electrical power. For that, be sure to unplug all your electronics if they are not actually worn. Get used to check it before bedtime.

Usually, the use of desktop computers that drain the most electrical energy. The next items you need to check are television, fan, water heater, and other small items.

Use Apps and Technology

Currently, some new housing such as Villa Sawangan Asri, Martadinata Residence, to Harmony East, apply the concept of smart homes in each unit. Different features, but essentially still carrying advances in technology that ultimately affect the consumption of electricity at home.

In the concept of smart home, all electronic product settings ranging from television, DVD, sound system, to lights, will be controlled in a gadget. You simply control it so you do not have to worry about the number of remote that much.

Install the Power Saver Tool

The last step you can apply is to use an energy saver or an energy saver at home. Use of this tool can reduce the cost of electricity consumption by 40%.

This tool has been widely circulated in the market. The form of a mini capacitor that serves to suppress the amount of wasteful in every electrical equipment installed.