Four steps to overcome the odor on the couch

bad sofa

If you are aware, a musty smell is often attached to the sofa at home. Musty odor may result from spills of dirt, washing sofa that is not perfectly dry, odor from pets, to the sweat that sticks.

If left unchecked, the musty smell will be less attached and difficult to remove. This will certainly interfere with your experience as a resident, not to mention if anyone visit. To overcome this, there are several ways that you can follow.

Drying sofa

The easiest way to eliminate odors is by leaving it under direct sunlight.

If accompanied stains, you can wash the upholstery sofa with soap. Some sofa allows you to remove the upholstery for easy cleaning.

Use baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda absorbs odors potent. You can sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the sofa. Allow a few hours and then clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Besides baking soda, you can use vinegar. Dilute vinegar with a glass of water, and spray onto the surface of the sofa. After drying sofa to dry.

Baby soap for leather sofa

If you have a leather sofa, do any drying in the sun. Sofa with leather requires special care to maintain the quality of leather for durability.

to eliminate the musty smell, you can use baby soap or baby shampoo. The trick, pour the soap / shampoo baby to the surface of the sofa, then mix by pouring water.

Afterwards brush using a fluffy brush so that the skin does not peel. If so, rinse with a damp cloth. Then dry with a soft cloth.

Insert a wooden or fragrant roots

Another way you can insert a piece of cinnamon and vetiver on the sidelines. It is a natural deodorizer that you can use to remove the smell.

Can also spread some coffee beans. These natural fragrances can eliminate the musty smell and make the air was fresh.