Four Easy Steps Home Cleaning Garage

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The garage is a room that has many functions. In addition to being a vehicle parking space, garage can also serve as storage space for example grass cutting, tooling plant, equipment of wood, and even the kitchen furniture are rarely used.

Unfortunately, the garage often left without regular cleaning and maintenance as you give on the interior of the house. This can cause some serious problems, ranging from irregular, until the accumulated garbage and dirt.

If left too long without a good cleaning, garage You can even pose a safety hazard.

With these easy steps, you can change the garage into a more organized and tidy throughout the year.

1. Remove all items

Garage typically store a variety of items that will not fit in the home, ranging from hardware and gardening tools, to camping equipment or sports equipment.

The first step that is not cluttered garage, you have to separate the items and decide which items can be removed.

Start by issuing all the stuff out of the garage. Categorize these items into three piles of items to be stored, garbage piles and piles which can be donated to others.

If the items you have in the donation pile enough, perhaps it is time you hold a garage sale. However, if the time to hold a garage sale is not available, you can post items for sale on the trading site.

2. Cleaning goods

Items stored in the garage is very easy dusty and dirty. Now, time for you to clean these items thoroughly.

By using a water hose, you can flush garden tools, trash cans and other equipment. Do this while the goods are still outside the garage. You can also rinse cycle, rain shoes and sports equipment that has been soiled. Allow it to dry.

Check the mower does require regular maintenance. Keep in mind, gardening tools you need to be cleaned and polished before it is stored again.

3. Brushing garage

After the items are removed from the garage, it’s time to clean the garage itself. Make sure the scrub every nook and cranny, and brushing the floor thoroughly to prevent dirt or even former land sticking there.

Use a broom to remove cobwebs and dirt on the walls. Wipe down the shelves with a damp cloth. Then, use a big broom to sweep from the farthest corner to exit the garage.

Find a place with a stubborn oil? To get rid of it you can pour sawdust or sand for your cat litter. Next, pour the degreaser and let stand for fifteen minutes. Finally, rub the area with a brush or cloth, then rinse and dry.

To brush the floor, use a mixture of floor cleaning solution with a bucket of water and pour it on the floor. Use a stiff brush to scrub the floor, and then rinse with a hose.

4. Set the garage

Do not just throw everything back into the garage. Instead, set the items to keep tidy throughout the year. If necessary use a transparent plastic box to help find the items without having to rummage.

Fill the box with pet accessories, sports equipment, home decor, camping equipment, household appliances, and other items. Finally, attach the appropriate label.

To paint, automotive fluids and other hazardous chemicals should be stored on a high shelf or behind a locked cabinet to keep it safe from the reach of children. Use hooks to hang large tools such as gardening equipment and bikes.