Effective Tips for Property in an Exhibition

tips buy home and house

For those of you who were looking for a home, there are various ways to get the reference. For example, you can use the search portal site or directly browse the desired location of the house.

Do not forget, there is one other way to get information about the house, which went to the property exhibition.

Fairs are typically held within a certain time by the parties concerned, for example the government, the developer or the bank.

Then how so that you find the home that fits the criteria during the exhibition?

1. Determine your budget and the type of home

Before visiting the exhibition, you need to prepare in advance the budget to buy a house. In the exhibition, the price range can vary widely.

By determining the budget, you can focus on searching for the appropriate type of dwelling. Because, many developers offer a low down payment, but a large mortgage.

2. Locate

Well, after you’ve prepared the budget, specify the location as needed. Do you want a home that is close to the work place? Do you want a house close to her parents or in-laws? Or do you want a home with a strategic infrastructure that supports?

Should think about this before you go to the exhibition. Because, just like the price, the location offered at the exhibition are very diverse. If you do not specify from the start, you will be confused to choose the desired house.

3. Home pivot or house

Not all home projects offered during the exhibition, a house that is so. Some developers choose to wait a number of consumers to buy in advance, the new building houses, or so-called pivot.

Houses pivot, usually much cheaper than later on when it’s finished. If you do intend to occupy the home or put in some time to come, buy pivot is the right choice without having to force myself to buy a house that is so.

However, keep in mind, buying a house pivot like buying a “dream”. You have not seen how the house before it is built. Even imaginary picture of still images.

4. Consider the reputation of the developer

During the exhibition, the developer or property manager who participate, the number could be more than a hundred. Starting from developer landless, to large developers. Small developers, usually only have housing in specific locations. While big developers, marked by numerous projects spanning other areas.

The bigger the developer, the more assured your money, if it should purchase pivot. Developer whose name was great, usually not in doubt although his house has not been built.

When you know the track record of the developer, this will also allow you to search for a booth during the exhibition. Know a list of exhibitors and you can go straight to the developer booth without having to spin.

5. Prepare files

If you buy a home in installments through the Home Ownership Loan, you need to set up and carry the necessary paperwork. The document, among others, the husband and wife color photographs, photocopy of ID card, photocopy of Family Card, a photocopy of marriage certificate (for married), a photocopy of a savings account, a photocopy of Taxpayer Identification Number, and payslips for employees or the financial statements for the entrepreneur.

6. Prepare the effort and take the time

Setting up energy and time, it is important when you want to come to the exhibition. Imagine if you had to go around a hundred booths during the exhibition. Then the span of one to two hours, will not be enough.

Because it takes a long time to go around the exhibition stands, you could spend some special time while off work, for example, Saturday or Sunday. While visiting the exhibition, you are also advised to armed with drinking water.

7. With couple

If you are a person who has a family, it is better invite your partner to discuss. You and your partner can also remind each other when tempted by the lure of instant prizes during the exhibition.

8. Don’t be a quitter

Not easy to find a home in accordance with the criteria and the budget that has been prepared. Many people who have repeatedly come to the exhibition, but have not found the home of her dreams.

The key, do not quickly give up if the first experiment you visit the exhibition, did not immediately get home.