Easy Ways to Improve Air Quality in the Home


YouGov survey shows that 81 percent of us are at risk of respiratory or dermatological disorders due to poor air quality in the home.

“Toxic home syndrome occurs when a family exposed to a mixture of air pollutants. These pollutants arise from a poor home ventilation and increase the risk of respiratory and skin diseases, “said professor of allergy and respiratory expert at Southampton University, Peter Howarth.

Here are some tips from Peter to reduce the risk of the disease in your home:

Learn some options Ventilation

Ventilation create air circulation in your home smoothly. You can consider for household use mechanical ventilation system, which provides clean air or active ventilation as an extractor fan or exhaust fan. In the bathroom, in particular, need an active ventilation to keep them dry. Because, this place is an essential place for the fungus to grow.

Use environmentally friendly products

Everyday cleaning products usually contain chemicals known as volatile organic compounds. These compounds are harmful to the health of your breathing.

Avoid the use of carpet

Carpets can be a hiding place for dust, dirt, bacteria, or pet dander. Dirt that sticks is usually difficult to remove and potentially damaging the air quality of your home. In addition, you and your family are also threatened by allergies.

Pat dry your clothes outside

You can also make sure the windows open when forced to hang in the house. This can reduce the organic compounds in the room.

Remove your shoes

Do not guess, shoes that do not leave traces on the floor of your house really clean from dirt. Because, shoes from outside carrying bacteria from soil.