Doing Garage Sale Tips

garage sale

Do you have a lot of unused stuff but unfortunately to throw? Try principles garage sale. Although the items you lost, but you intake can actually increase. How to do it?

Time determination garage sale

You can make a garage sale at a certain time or just when there is a specific event in your home environment. Place flyers in advance as a form of awareness of your prospective buyers. Write down the information interesting and clear regarding the time, place, day, date and price of goods and will be sold.

Selection of goods

Although you have many items that are not used anymore, but not necessarily all eligible to be sold at a garage sale. Choose in advance which items will sell. Make sure it is suitable to be used and in good condition. If you look a little stuff then invite your relatives or your neighbors that are likely to have goods sold unused to participate in your garage sale.


As the name suggests, garage sale, of course identical to the garage. However the place for garage sale does not always have to be inside the garage. When you will arrange the goods to be sold at a garage sale, Arrange partly goods are inside the garage and partly out of the garage. So that passers-by can see what is going on in your home. Put a banner that said garage sale to attract people’s attention.