Criterion Property developers in good standing

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The developer or the developer plays an important role in property transactions. Therefore, it is important for consumers to be more selective while opting against a developer when they wanted to buy the property, especially houses.

How to select it relatively easy, for example by reading the full review about the new housing.

By listening first such review, it is expected that consumers can avoid unscrupulous ‘rogue developers’ very detrimental.

In many cases, these developers usually build products that do not comply or even deceptive promises and carry off the money of consumers.

Therefore, before deciding to buy a home or other property types, you should consider the following.

1. Credibility

Factors developers is very important. Because with this company you do legal relationships, both at the level of bookings home with a binding sale and purchase agreement or deed of sale at the time of the sale and purchase later executed.

In situations pre-regulation, developers increasingly important factor considered home buyers. Therefore, relatively more secure if you buy a home from the developer company that has gone public.

The developer group typically not affected by the rules of banking regulation, because they have many alternative sources of funds, so that the risk of delays in the construction of the house is not too large.

2. Legality

Make sure that the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that built housing has published its parent certificates. As a consumer, you are entitled to ask and see for yourself the certificate.

If the certificate is pledged to the bank for the purposes of the project, you can be a little fussy to see Granting Mortgage Deed and Mortgage Certificates.

Meanwhile, when the legality of housing sites to be purchased is still a location permit, very high risk. For that, ask first master copy of its certificate. Good developers will not hesitate to show it.

3. commitment

When promoting housing, usually developers promise a wide variety of facilities, ranging from home facilities itself to supporting facilities, such as a shopping center, club house, recreational facilities, and others.

With banking regulations in the property sector, developers may ignore the facilities was ever promised to reduce the cost.

Therefore, we recommend that you confirm this to the developers in order to get clarity of what facilities will be obtained when occupying the house.

You can also make an agreement with the developer-related handover timeliness and quality of the building prior to booking fee.

When developers implement a system of booking fee and 20% DP burned when you are off to buy, you can make arrangements with them.

For example, when a late developer submit a purchase agreement, they will incur a fine 1/1000 of the value of the building.