Criteria Tile Good and Quality


Selecting roofing or tile is not easy, especially many types of tile on the market, such as metal roof, concrete roof tiles, traditional tile (clay), asphalt tile, ceramic tile etc. Yet it is precisely in this area you have to do a wise decision of a lifetime. If you absolutely can not do alone, you can see the experts in residential roofing in Houston to determine tile great for your housing.

Good tile is a tile that can surely meet the expectations of consumers towards their needs. What are the criteria of good and quality tile? can be seen from several aspects:

  • Functional aspect: No leaking and strong and provide a sense of security and comfort.
  • In terms of aesthetics: Form tile precision (no deformation) so it looks neat when installed must also be resistant to all weather, does not fade and does not fade.
  • In terms Durability (Life time): Durable and long lasting in a period of decades both functional and aesthetic.

Therefore the selection of the right roof covering, will determine the strength and durability of the roof. What should be considered when choosing the roof covering / tile?

Tile forming material

In the market we can find tiles made of various types of materials, where each has its own characteristics. No material after a certain period of time there will be cracked or corroded even there the material is also harmful to health.

To see the tile material that either of us could see roofs on old buildings such as castles in Japan or China, which has hundreds of years old. These buildings using ceramic tiles, and to this day remain durable tiled although the technology used at the time of manufacture is simple.

Ceramic tile can have the long life time as a result of the production process through high temperature incineration, generally 700 to 1,100 degrees Celsius so that in can be made from ceramic tile stable and consistent.