Creepy fact Rarely bed linen Mattress Replacement

bed linen mattres

Perhaps you already know that the bed linen mattress should be replaced frequently. But if you often lazy to replace it with the presumption that the bed linen is not dirty.

There are many horrible facts about the bed linen if you do not often replace. Even though you still look clean sheets, it can become a dirty place for you.

What are the contents of your bed linen? Microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria can live there. Not to mention, animal dust, pollen, soil, clothing fibers, skin cells, and body secretions of activity screwing mattress.

In other words, your mattress is very dirty. Although you claimed was a clean person, your body naturally produces 26 gallons of sweat on mattresses annually.

This makes the mattress is an ideal place for fungi to grow. In fact, feather and synthetic pillows from 1.5 to 20 years old may contain 4-17 different species of fungi.

In addition, small animals such as mites invisible also targeting under your mattress. They can give allergic reactions such as sneezing and itching of the skin.

If you have a habit of eating in bed, perhaps after knowing this you have to break the habit. Therefore, this habit can attract animals such as cockroaches and ants to come into the mattress.

So how often do you have to change the sheets? Once a week is the ideal time to minimize the growth of fungi and other microorganisms.