Create a Space to Bring the Family Together

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We all have a family room, living room, or finished basement where we can go to spend time relaxing. Unfortunately, these rooms seldom encourage family members to enjoy each other’s company. In today’s world there are many distractions that keep us from enjoying human contact. This causes families to drift apart. Rather than trying to get rid of the video games and smartphones, try incorporating them into a room that brings the family together.

Specific Areas

The first step is to create specific areas within the living room. These areas need to revolve around family member’s interests rather than distract from them. You may remember family game night from when you were growing up, but a game table will be left to collect dust in this day and age. Instead, make a space around the TV where all family members can play video games. Have a computer desk in the corner for school and job related work, but turn it to face the center of the room rather than the wall. If your kids love making videos to share, add an area with proper lighting and a backdrop.


Watching TV or a movie doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Choose a certain time each week when you can all watch a family friendly show together. Provide plenty of seating in a U-shape configuration where everyone can see the TV screen clearly. This could also be the place you designated for video games. An entertainment center can provide a beautiful focal point that keeps all of the electronics neat and tidy. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Unassembled pieces are inexpensive, and you can use assembly services like CUC to put it together.

Keep It Cozy

Even in this modern age, we all love our creature comforts. If you are trying to encourage the family to spend time together, your space needs to be inviting. Choose soft, cushioned sofas, recliners, or sectionals for seating. Add throw pillows that one can cuddle up with and warm blankets for chilly evenings. You also want to include tables for drinks and snacks, and have proper lighting for each task you will be doing.

Now that you have created a place in your home where family members can enjoy each other’s company, you don’t need to worry so much about electronics isolating you from your children. Now you can all sit together to play a games or watch videos. Even homework and computer work can be done without excluding others.