Cleaning Tips Fan

Cleaning Tips Fan

In tropical countries always get abundant sunshine and temperatures sometimes hot. Not to mention the thinning of the ozone layer so that the weather is often turned into overheated. As a result, many people use air conditioning apparatus.

Although rarely used, the fan remains the choice of many people as a means of conditioning. However, the use of the fan is often triggers the creation of diseases due to dust indirectly ‘pulled’ into fan blades before they were distributed to the users fan.

Dust on the fan blades should be cleaned regularly so that you do not become ill from inhaling dust is channeled through the fan. Here are tips for you to clean the fan as an air conditioner.

Preparation Equipment

Prepare a clean cloth both in dry and wet conditions. Prepare also a screwdriver and brush with size according to the propeller fan you are. Then prepare the soap and water to clean the dirty fan full of dust.

Cleaning Process Fan

Use a mask covering your nose when you want to clean the fan so you avoid dust on the fan. Then make sure the fan is not connected to the air conditioner electricity. You must release the first part of the fan frame.

Framework fan in question is used as a protection framework propeller fan. Use a screwdriver to open the fan frame. Clean the fan frame with a damp cloth to clean. As a finishing you can use a brush to remove the rest of the dust.

Dry fan with a dry cloth. Put the frame and fan blades in the open air and must be exposed to the sun. Here the engine to dry perfectly. Only then replace any parts that you are unloading earlier.