Choosing the Right objects to Corner Room

corner in the house

You may experience difficulties when designing the interior of the house, especially in the corners of the room. Sometimes, after carefully put all the furniture, this area looks quite right. Either because you give the impression of space decor narrow or too empty.

“One of the great secrets of design is to think first corner,” said decorator England, Nicky Haslam.

He cites the advice of Tom Parr, former chairman of British design company Colefax and Fowler. If it does not start the decoration of the corners of the room, added Haslam, this area may end up darker and left impressed.

Therefore, you can build your home with a very modern appeal in the corner of the room. The goal is to create the illusion that the corner of the room you are “embracing the room”. By creating a more rounded corner, as if there was no angle at all.

However, if you have a house built in the traditional way, this may not apply. Here are five ways to decorate the corners of your home:

1. Place the curved rack

You can use the rack placed curved corners of the room. These shelves can store small statues, toys, and memories in the form of photographs or valuable objects from the places you have visited.

2. Make a read

Change into a corner of the room you are reading. This is the right idea if home

You have a window near the corner so that while reading, you will get a natural glow. You can create a mini library that consists of a bookcase mounted on the wall as well or in a nearby shelf and a chair or armchair.

3. Add plants

Placing plants in the house, especially in the corner, not only give its own beauty, but also able to produce high quality air. Choose the right pot to the size of the plant and ensure the optimal condition of your room, to the growth of your plants.

Do not forget, add a thin curtain when the sunlight is too bright window. Do not forget to water the plants regularly.

4. Place the high-backed chair

If creating a mini library in the corner of the room, you would need at a chair or sofa. Choose a chair or sofa with high backrest. This is to address the void in the corner of the room.

In addition to the sofa with high backrest, you can also put the chairs of woven and textured. This chair creates an attractive decorative appearance in the corner of the room.

5. Place the high lights

A high lights will make the corner look more beautiful. Look for a solid light design with intricate foot.