Choose Architect or Interior Designer?

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We will renovate the house, you may be confused to decide between hiring an architect or interior designer.

Some people realize that designers have the ability and training in the field of architecture. So also with the architects who have knowledge in the field of design.

To determine what more do you need between the architect and designer, you need to know in advance the task of both.

Duties architect

Architect is a unique individual is thinking. In his brain, architects have thought about a myriad of numbers, lines and angles. Related duties, the architect designing all types of buildings. Not only the house, the architect also designed hospitals, hotels, houses of worship, and other stations.

After communicating with all parties involved, the architect will draw up a plan for your design. Typically, to design plans, the architect using a computer. Architect design combines functionality, shape, and security needs of future owners. The design also incorporates the beauty and functionality.

Thus, an architect has thought of a strong math and logic to ensure the stability of the building.

The task of interior designers

The interior designer is the right person, if you crave a beautiful space. The reason, an interior designer has a strong spatial skills, as well as a myriad of skills to design aesthetic space.

She trained professionally in planning space for all types of buildings, including a hotel or office space. Related duties, in consultation with clients and designers creating renderings or picture of functional design. This design emphasizes aesthetics for the interior space.

Once the design is approved, the designer creates the space. Sometimes, space can be created through simple objects for example fabrics, paints, and furniture.

Differences architects and designers

Both professions holding the same skills to beautify and build. Both also have the skills to design aesthetic and safe home.

However, there are fundamental differences between these two professions. The difference is the architect to design the interior and exterior of the built environment, while interior designers tasked to add aesthetic value to the room that was so.

Architects may help design the interior, but their main responsibility lies on the outside of the building. Likewise, the interior designer responsible in the building or room.

So choose where?

The answer really depends on your personal scenario. If you already have a built structures and are looking for someone who is able to decorate, then you would need an interior designer. Meanwhile, if you want to remodel and rebuild the structure, you need to hire an architect.

But when you want to build a house from scratch, you are advised to employ both these professions in order to get the best results.