Carpet as Decorator, from floor to Beds

carpet as decorator

The carpet is often used to provide warmth in cold room floor. Carpets are also sometimes used for added comfort when sitting on the floor.

Most people use rugs to add beauty to a room. The beauty is not only when the object is spread on the floor. Here are some of the carpets to decorate the room:

1. Hanging Headboard

You can put a carpet over the headboard of the bed. Condition, headboard should not have many motives or engraving. To maximize the zoom, select a dark colored carpet.

2. Pillowcases

Wrap the pillow with a thin carpet is another option. You simply sew the carpet. You do not need to cut it so that there is the option to reuse it as a carpet or other flooring.

3. Gloves couch or table

Have an open cot at your house? Cotton carpets with different shades, can be used as packaging. This is an inexpensive way to update the look of your divan.

You can also put a carpet on the table just like that without much effort wrap.

4. Gloves seat

Chairs made of plastic, sometimes it is not convenient to use because hard. Pick a furry rug and place it vertically to the rear seats. Add some pillows as a sweetener.

In addition, the carpet can also be made thinner upholstery. These coatings can be sewn directly on the rear side of the sofa.

5. Wall decoration

The carpets were hung on the wall, effectively giving a new feel on your room. Choose rugs with patterns texture, to add a different look.