Be careful, New Furniture Maybe Toxic!

modern furniture

After renovating the house, or buying new furniture, you often distinctive smell. The smell of paint or new stuff is fun, because you feel like a new room.

But you need to note that the odor was not healthy. It could be, the odor comes from the smell of formaldehyde particles released into the air from your new wood cabinets.

Formaldehyde or formalin is a colorless gas that is commonly used to preserve the bodies. This substance if inhaled or consumed by humans, can cause cancer.

Formaldehyde glue is often used to glue the wood press, and other plywood. Not only that, a lot of paint and carpet that also contains formaldehyde.

Indeed, should a gas with very high levels to directly affect your health. But, just as outdoor pollution, high levels of indoor pollution can affect your health over time.

Here are some ways to make homes (new) you avoid the dangers of pollution that are not obvious.

1. Look for low VOC goods

When you buy new furniture, paint, carpets, wallpaper, cleaning products, or even a shower curtain, try to make sure they are made from low-VOC or zero-VOC. VOCs or Volatile Organic Compound is a volatile organic compound. Low VOC materials or zero-VOC has a low level or not emit toxic at all.

If someone in your family suffers from asthma, or prone to allergies, products of low or zero-VOC quite important.

2. Finding the source of allergy

Know where sources of allergens and toxic pollutants, especially in furniture that you use most often.

Of course, the best way to eliminate allergens like mold and dust are doing a thorough cleaning.

3. Pay attention to all surfaces

If you have children who often play on the floor, consider looking for a zero-VOC carpets or natural carpet made of cotton, silk, or wool. You also can apply ceramic tile, bamboo or cork flooring.

4. Avoid lead paint

Nowadays, many products that do not use lead paint. However, if your house is quite old, worn paint most likely still contain lead. Consider replacing the paint. Lead can cause health problems, especially in children.

5. Choose solid wood furniture

Such furniture is usually easy to find and cheaper. You can find it in stores that sell kitchen set.

6. Choose green cleaning

Always purchase household cleaning products made with natural ingredients. If it is hard to find, you can create yourself a natural cleanser. For example, for cleaning windows and mirrors, you can use a solution of vinegar and water.

7. Control humidity room

Controlling the amount of moisture in the house, can reduce the likelihood of mold growth. The fungus can affect the health of the throat and cause eye irritation, and worsen asthma. Use a dehumidifier is able to reduce air humidity.

8. Allow your room to breathe

Open your window! Ventilation helps air flow from outside the sweeping toxic fumes and bring in fresh air. Ornamental plants Dapa also helps oxygenate the room. However, you must carefully choose plants suited to be placed in the room.