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Only five minutes exercise a day in the open can improve mental health, according to a study and policy makers should encourage more people to pass the time in parks and gardens.

Some researchers at the University of Essex found that just five minutes of “green activity” such as walking, gardening, cycling or planting trees to encourage the spirit and self-esteem.

“We believe that there will be many potential benefits for all the people, society and the health care costs if all groups of people do a lot more self medication with exercise in a green place,” Barton said in a statement about the study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Many studies have shown that outdoor exercise can reduce the risk of mental illness and improve a sense of healthy, but Jules Pretty and Jo Barton, who led the study, said that so far no one knows how much time needs to be spent in the exercise in a green place so that the benefits were seen.

Barton and Pretty looked at data from 1,252 people with mental health status, gender, and age, were taken from 10 existing studies in Britain.

They analyzed activities such as walking, gardening, cycling, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and planting trees.

They found that the greatest health changes occurred in the young and those who suffer mentally ill, although people of all ages and social groups also enjoy the benefits.

The greatest positive impact on self-esteem emerged from a five-minute dose of “green exercise in place”.

All natural environment beneficial, including parks in small cities or large, they said, but green areas with water seems to have a more positive impact.

Moreover, if learning in places green area certainly can affect brain development in learning.

At least the executive education “Master” in particular should be able to create a school environment becomes green to support mental and physical health of children’s intelligence. In addition to reducing the effects of global warming at least a good many of the Green School Environment.