Areas of Homes Can Improve Your Intimacy and Couple

corner in the house

The weekend is the time for you to spend time with family. Especially if you work all day were both busy with work.

However, spending time with no need to rent a hotel room or vacation. Some corners of the house turned out also can be utilized for romance.


Yep, a shower or bath, talking both could be a way to do both of me-time. Shower could be cleaner because you can ask for help couples scrub or rub soap on the back.

Continue also with massaging action. But, you should not have sex in the bathroom, because of the potential to make a slippery floor injuries. Use bath together as foreplay alone.


Chatting with friends would be more convenient if equipped with savory dishes because the chat will become more intimate and the atmosphere would be even warmer. Start by cooking together.

Let your partner staring at you are cooking, or it could be otherwise. There’s nothing sexier than seeing a couple of cooking for you, right ?!


Toward the evening, enjoy the cool night air with a view of the star-studded sky, so the atmosphere was romantic.

Let better, prepare the coffee table or small table fit for two people and then put two chairs and a dining room on the balcony of the house.

Prepare thick and soft carpet on the floor if you and your partner want to enjoy the night while sleeping and eating snacks.

Guest room

Want to feel the atmosphere of the new and unfamiliar, that makes you and your partner so curious? Try moving the location of the bed in the guest room!

Usually the guest rooms so the room is neat because rarely occupied, the room feels more spacious for not stuff than your room.

Change the atmosphere to make it more attractive. For example, by replacing sheets and curtain. Add also aromatherapy candles that provide dim lighting.


Stairway to go upstairs in your house is usually fitted carpet and the area is quite narrow. Because that’s sitting around chatting in the stairs make you and your partner must coincide.

This situation certainly makes you easy to hug or embrace it. Sitting adjacent to the position as it also makes you both so much chatter in and comfortable.