8 Tips on Cleaning Window

cleaning window

When was the last time you clean the windows of the house? Three or even more than six months ago? In addition to flurry that takes time to clean the house, sometimes stubborn stains make us reluctant to start this one activity.

In fact, the clear window of the house will give reflections clear view more leverage at the same time reflect light into the room. Well, before you start cleaning the windows, consider cleaning the house cleverly eight tips below.

Clean the window with a sponge

A mixture of warm water and liquid soap is known as a powerful cleaning formula. But you have to remember, a little foam will be better. You should also be careful when using liquid glass cleaner containing harsh chemical content. Make sure the fluid does not damage the paint on the frame of the window.

Air Wipe with Squeegee

Use a squeegee to wipe clean the glass window with S pattern reversed from top to bottom window. For maximum net proceeds, before repeating the subsequent rinsing, wipe the tip of a squeegee using a cloth. This is done to remove dirt so that no re-stick.

Drain the remaining water in the glass

To remove residual water clinging to the glass, use a microfiber cloth or a damp cloth. After that, dry the bottom of the window to remove residual water droplets.

Clean Window On Cloudy Day

Although sunlight make it easier to see the dirt more clearly, but the light makes the windows to dry out too quickly. After that will appear scratches on the glass that makes repetitive work should be done. Choose a cloudy day with a humid climate for your cleaning session (but if you are doing outside, exposed to rain alert!).

Clean Window At least Twice a year

Clean the glass window once every six months would give a thorough change. You will be surprised to see the room becomes brighter and realize how dirty the window glass if not cleaned.

Creating Your Own Cleaning Agents

It is very easy, simply add two tablespoons of vinegar into a small bucket of warm water. Use to clean glass without damaging the paint and cause a lot of foam.

For Window Really Dirty or Dry

For stubborn stains, use two tablespoons of ammonia or borax domestic mixed with a large bucket of water as the cleaning liquid. Afterwards, rinse with vinegar cleaning formula above. Finally, wipe the glass with a dry cloth.

Dry Cleaning Glass

When the glass looks pretty clean and you just want to clean without using water, use a wad of old newspapers as a cleaner. Her existing printer inks will give extra sparkle in the glass.

*Window Squeegee is a similar tool blade made of rubber which serves to clean the window glass or the like. Window Squeegee can help facilitate the process of cleaning the glass windows, storefronts and others. Help remove dirt, stains and dust on the surface of the glass.