7 Simple Ways to Clean House Work Before You Go

home cleaning

You must have friends who regularly and is able to organize everything. Sometimes, you get not understand, how a friend can be very perfectionist. But on the contrary, you are far from immaculate.

Imagine how much fun life, when you are not busy with the clean-up activities at home before going to the office. You often let things fall apart when leaving for work. When home, you are no longer eager to clean.

Then what kind of habits that you can emulate from friends neat?

1. Trim the bed

Before leaving home, or better before leaving the room, make up your bed. If in a hurry, pull your bed cover and pillow cover sheets are a mess.

This method effectively imposing a neat bed. But remember, do not do this every day if you really want to turn into a more presentable.

2. Wash dirty dishes

If it is difficult to do it after every meal, at least, washing dishes and other utensils before you sleep. Thus, in the morning you do not need to rush to wash a pile of dirty dishes. If they had, dishwashing your breakfast before going to work.

3. Wash clothes every day

Washing clothes is one of the regular activities so that later you do not accumulate if left too long. For those of you who live with families, especially large families, it is important to wash clothes every day so as not to quickly accumulate.

If you live alone or only with a partner, do this activity a maximum of three days.

4. Use baskets

When no place to put luggage, of course you do not have to look messy room. Look for baskets that fit the needs, for example for dirty clothes or toys. Also adjust the size to be able to accommodate your belongings.

5. Do not be put off

This is key for those who want a home always looks neat. When pulled something out, immediately return the item in its place. The longer you delay, the more goods scattered outside the place.

6. Make the current through it

You can minimize the cluttered room with a single pass. For example, when to the bathroom from the bedroom, you find items lying not in place.

Take the item and immediately put in place. This only requires your sensitivity and do not require a long time. Make it a habit so keep your home tidy.

7. Create a plan

For cleaning the equipment that it requires a long time, such as scrubbing the bathroom floor or unload the contents of the refrigerator, you need a special time. Plan time on weekends, for example, Saturday or Sunday morning.

If not used, make a list of what you will do on weekends. Make cleaning the furniture at the weekend as a habit.