6 Tips to sell Houses to make it fast and profitable

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Whether you want to upgrade to buy a bigger new home or because it is desperate for a need, we have to sell the house that we have. And not scare, marketing a home is not an easy job, let alone a home.

Add more advertising listings for new residential properties with a variety of excellence milling around in various media. Therefore, complete photos and descriptions alone are not yet helpful enough to sell your property.

Not to mention there are many factors that can influence the decision of the prospective buyer to determine its interest. To make your home sales faster and easier, and of course, at good prices according to the market, see the sales strategy of the following professional property agents:

1. See the advantages and disadvantages of the property

Before selling a home, you should check back on the condition of your home, including the ceiling and the house frame. This is important, damage to the home can reduce the selling value. Conversely, repairs can keep home prices or even jack up the price.

2. Check the price of land in the surrounding area

To determine the land price benchmark, check the Tax Object Sales Value in the area around the house. In the tax you receive annually, you will find information on the Value of Sale of Tax Objects, both land and buildings.

But the value on Tax Object Selling Value is usually only to determine the minimum sales value. Generally people sell homes 2-3 times over the Value of Tax Object Selling. And remember, the more strategic your home location is that the price can be multiplied more than the value of its Tax Object Selling Value

3. Contact the property agent

If you do not want to bother, use property agent services. Property agents are certainly more aware of the value of your home. In the meantime to capture the right and professional agents, you can do so by asking some questions on the Agent.

Good brokers will not only help you determine the value of home sales, but will also help market your home. However, it is important to consider that if you use brokerage services, it also calculates brokerage commissions.

Generally the broker will ask for a sales commission of about 2.5% of the selling price. and should not negotiate with an agency commission. Small commissions can affect good performance and cooperation with agents. So, for maximum results, give the commission according to the agreement.

4. There is a special time selling the house

A number of property agents indicate that there is a special time that makes home buying and selling transactions more than usual. For example, when political conditions are stable, or when economic conditions are passionate. But generally in May it is believed to be the most crowded month for the property market.

5. Create an honest Ad listing

In social media, maybe some people get used to the best side by editing photos to look more photogenic. The same can not be done when placing a property ad. You have to be honest with the photos and give the information according to the facts.

6. Determine the right price

Applying the right price for the home can be taken into account according to the location and breadth of the house. However, there is a pricing strategy that must be known before you decide on the banderol. For example, a buyer who has a budget of around Rp450 million will look for properties with prices ranging from Rp300 million to Rp500 million.

7. Advertising listing should not be too long

Too long advertising properties displayed online media will lower the interest of prospective buyers. People will wonder why your home is not sold. Usually there will be negative assumptions such as excessive price tag or house conditions that do not fit the ad.

Anticipate this by asking agents to update ads once a month. You can change the photo or add more information.