6 Mistakes That Most Do When Sucking Dust

clean carpet

Cleaning the room or the carpet using a vacuum cleaner, it is practical. However, you must make sure it is used properly.

These are some common mistakes made when vacuuming.

1. Do not suck the carpet in two directions

If you just suck the carpet in one direction, you do not remove dust and dirt as a whole. Some of this dirt can hide behind the cloth.

Try to suck the carpet from different directions, top to bottom, bottom to top, right to left, and left right.

2. Allowing dust bag filled to the brim

Vacuum cleaner has a bag to store all the dirt is sucked. So that a vacuum work optimally, you should not wait for the dust bag is full.

The Vacuum & Sewing Dealer’s Trade Association recommends you to empty the bag after more than half filled. The cause, the vacuum cleaner can lose efficiency if used when the bag is full.

Better yet, if you do not reuse the dust bag, because it can cut up to 50 percent efficiency.

3. Too fast

Use a vacuum to the maximum and slowly. By doing so, the engine can suck up more dirt and dust so your carpet cleaner.

4. Do not use the crevice tool

Each vacuum cleaner is usually equipped with a device that is able to reach the corners of the room or crevice tool. However, this tool is rarely used because usually people use the vacuum cleaner only for carpets.

At least, use it to clean the edges of the room twice a month. Dirt or dust in the corners of the room is often overlooked for years.

5. Not Adjust height

Be sure to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner as you move from one side of the carpet to the other side. Some vacuum cleaners can do it automatically.

However, if yours is not the case, take the time to adjust the height. This can make a big difference in the cleanliness of the carpet or your room.

6. Waiting carpet looks dirty

This error is most often what most people do. Before look dirty, usually people are lazy to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

From now on, stop this habit. Dirt can accumulate under the carpet fibers away before you know it. The danger, these impurities can lead to colds and allergy recurrence. Arrange regular schedule for cleaning the carpet using a vacuum cleaner.