6 Benefits of Former Toothbrush at Home


Instead of having to buy additional brushes for every object to be cleaned, it’s better to keep a used toothbrush that can still be used-the bristles do not wilt or bend. This is the benefit.

There are several areas of the house or goods in the house that require a small brush head to clean it.

Clean the collar

There are several types of fabrics such as cotton and linen that will quickly break or wear out if brushed with a coarse bristle brush. Toothbrush brush is much softer and smoother.

Brush the collar to remove the stain with a toothbrush that has been added with liquid detergent in the brush. Brush gently every corner of the collar to clean and then rinse.

Clean the accessories

Some accessories made of gold, precious stones, silver, and others should not be washed with brushed brushes.

Brush the jewelry with a soft toothbrush to remove the sweat stain when you wear it. Immediately dry and keep back the jewelry that has returned to its original color.

Clean pet feet

Do not let your dog or cat climb onto the couch even the bed when they just got out of the house. The soles of his feet keep a lot of germs and dust carried away from the outside.

When bathing the animals, make it a habit to brush the animal’s foot with a soft toothbrush to keep the sidelines clean.

Cleaning the small fan

Small fans tend to be more fragile and should be cleaned carefully. Brush the fan area and shaft to remove dust, and brush the gaps of the fan with a rather rough toothbrush.

Clean the bike chain

Your bike chain will not be clean if only soaked or wiped with a dry cloth. Brush the chain with a rather rough toothbrush to clean it from the soil and oil residue from oil. Pedal bikes and bicycle handlebar can be cleaned with a toothbrush.

Clean shoelaces

Believe me, brushing a shoelace with a coarse brush will make the rope fast thin and messy. Use a fluffy toothbrush to brush your sneakers rope.