5 Ways to Stay Cool Waiting for the AC Repair Technician

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Having the air conditioner quit on a hot day might seem ironic, but it can be a nightmare waiting for a repairman to arrive. Most services generally respond as quickly as possible, but below are five ways you can try and beat the heat build up until the Calvary arrives.

Cool Showers

When the indoor temperature seems to be climbing to an unbearable point, jump in the shower. Taking a cool shower will help reduce your own body temperature. leave your skin slightly damp so the fresh cool feeling will last for a while. Repeat as often as needed until the repairman arrives to save the day.

Kiddie Pool

Fill up the kiddie pool in the yard and toss on a pair of shorts. A nice cold glass of lemonade and feet in the cool water of the pool will do the trick. A nice big shade tree is finishing touch. You should stay nice and cool as you wait for technical help.

Soak Feet In a Cool Bucket of Water

Not everyone has access to a kiddie pool, but you might have a large bucket under the sink. Fill it with cool water and soak your feet. Add a cool damp towel around the base of the neck and you will stay comfortable as you wait for service.

Cold Drinks and a Fan

If the great outdoors in not so appealing, grab a cold drink and sit in front of a fan. Spritz your face with water and the moving air will feel even cooler. This might be all you need to survive the wait.

Research Videos About Antarctica

Take a mental trip to a cold climate. It will take your mind off of the non-working ac and put you in the company of penguins and polar bears. This might be the mental edge you need to survive the wait for the ac repair technician.

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